Don't stop 'till you get enough.

From TV shows to Award shows, DVD's to Radio syndicates, trust us to help you get what you and your artist want from a televised event or radio event.

Check out Stage-It on line.  We have a small  3 HD Camera rig with switching and lighting capabilities and can broadcast your smaller show complete with broadcast quality audio.


PreProduction and Rehearsals

Yes, we are available for events elsewhere!

If we can't help you we will help you find someone who can meet your needs!

Broadcast with the Best

Other Services

Need something you don't see here?

Share your music,

the way you want it to sound!

Spreading the Love Around

Room Service

Need a place to rehearse your band?  Need a place for album pre-production or simply to work out the new kinks in your Grammy winning song?  What better place than home?

World Class Live Sound

Why stop at just being a recording studio?  We haven't!  We continue to embrace and grow more and more vehicles for people to perform and share music!  Togetherness, remember?  Here are a few quick views of some other ways we might help you share your music and fulfill your dreams!

Growing a new artist or getting ready to plan for a new album?  Let us share with you our experiences so that you may better enjoy your own.

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