Over 25 years ago, Brett “Scoop” Blanden had a dream, that we could all play music and enjoy the recording process together!  This simple dream has grown over the years and is once again at your fingertips, with more attention to detail than before!

     “Home Studios” are a dime a dozen these days and although many are well suited for the tastes of a single person, few have the staff and equipment to tend to the high-quality likes of many!   Tending to any artist, providing a fluid, spiritual and creative work environment and being able to accommodate the needs of projects of varying shapes, sizes and details are all available here. 

     Located in a beautiful modern home in Bellevue, TN (20 Miles west of Music Row) this 1100 sq ft studio facility has housed recording sessions for many Nashville greats and many more to come.   The studio is comprised of a main tracking and control room area, and the “Ghost Light” studio lounge that also doubles as an isolation booth and editing room (complete with a separate ProTools 10 system).  The studio has a private entrance and usual amenities such as high-speed internet, cable TV and great coffee!

     The Studio A area is at first glance, warm and comfortable.   The thought behind the room is simple, if we can all play music together, music will bring all who experience it together.  You won’t find fancy isolation rooms, separation glass windows or private booths here, just a big open room where music can happen!  Yes, yes, isolation of guitar amps and singers are often necessary and important and there are plenty of provisions to accommodate them! 

     The most discerning audiophile to the most aurally challenged veteran musician will appreciate the analog (yes, copper wire) 8 channel low-latency headphone system which even includes two complete sets of different styles headphones so you can listen to taste! 

    Keeping music and togetherness in focus, the low-latency recording environment and classic analog microphone preamps provide musicians and producers a natural yet colorful recording process so that music can simply resonate! 

Brett's Place Studio

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